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  • Ability to manage everything in one place
  • No need to use other ticketing platforms
  • Have your tickets, chats and FAQ’s together
  • Tag your events to your clubs
  • Separate newsfeeds for your community page
  • Allow members to post, interact and comment
  • The ability to share images and video content
  • Tag posts to different topics to keep organised
  • Understand your community and events
  • Track your revenue and costs
  • Notifications for amount of tickets sold
  • Keep up to date
  • Add no-show fees to your event to protect yourself
  • Add cancellation fees for less than 24 hours before
  • Be in control of your events
  • Never lose out on revenue
  • Have an exclusive space for your attendees to connect
  • Reduce drop-outs of events
  • Make people feel comfortable before the event
  • Easily put out event updates
  • Create promo codes for your tickets
  • Give your community exclusive discounts
  • Incentivise new community members
  • Track number of tickets sold
  • Get the full picture of your event sales
  • Understand your audience
  • Control who see’s your events
  • Security features for your events
  • Choose your privacy levels

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Our IRL community events

Pilates & Networking

In The City London
Wellness and networking for women in the city looking to elevate!

Monthly Book Club

London Book Club
More than just a book club. Monthly reads, fun socials & new friends!

Spin Social

London Fitness Club
Fitness socials to network and meet like-minded people.

Sunday Walk Club

The Girls That Walk
The official London walk club to make new friends and get moving!

Hiking Club

Intrspct Collective
Bringing all men together through running and hiking.

Travel Club Brunch

Females Flying Solo
Helping women to travel the world solo through community and education.

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