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  • Introduce multiple channels into your chats
  • Allow your members to join different topics
  • Keep everything organised for you and your users
  • Ability to mute different channels
  • Separate newsfeeds for your community page
  • Allow members to post, interact and comment
  • The ability to share images and video content
  • Tag posts to different topics to keep organised
  • Build an engaged audience
  • Understand your community with insights
  • Build your own newsletter database
  • Tools to allow you to grow your community
  • Rich data analytics
  • Host free or paid events
  • Separate chats for each event
  • See who’s attending your events
  • Event notifications to your community
  • Monetise your community with ad revenue
  • Get brand sponsorship for your community
  • Host events with event sponsors
  • Join our CLIQ creator programme
  • Monetise your community with subscriptions
  • Create premium memberships for your community
  • Exclusive access for your top users
  • Provide value to your members
  • Reward your community with leaderboards
  • Increase engagement within your community
  • Ability for brands to provide prizes for most engaged
  • Understand who your top users are
  • Control who see’s your profile and community
  • Option to only allow verified users to see your group
  • Create private and public groups
  • Ability to create safe online and offline communities

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Meet our communities

Girls Who Walk

Walk Club
Walks & social events. Volunteer led, not for profit organisation for the gals & lgbtq+.

These Girls Run

Run Club
Your all-girls running & wellness club. Safe, sweaty, supportive. UK wide clubs.

Social Wellness Club

Wellness Club
Events, social meet-ups and an online community. Together, we thrive.

London Fitness Club

Fitness Club
Community for all fitness class lovers in London. Join to meet like-minded friends.

Thirsty Thursdays

Social Club
Social club for girls in Manchester to meet after work in different bars.

London Book Club

Book Club
More than a book club. Monthly reads, fun socials, new friends, events and more.

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